As of February 2022, in the wake of Russia invading Ukraine, Rev. Max and Reaching Romania have been taking in and aiding refugees fleeing the violence in Ukraine.  We have been picking up refugees daily either at the Ukrainian border or at the train station and taking them back to our 65-acre campus.  Every refugee is traumatized by what they have seen around their home country.  Our heart is to help them in any way that we can.

Some of the Ukrainian refugees are staying able to stay for only a few days before traveling to their family or friends in Western Europe, while others are needing longer term housing.  We are feeding, housing, transporting and ministering to them while they are here.  There is a great need for support as we continue to fulfill God’s will in helping each Ukrainian refugee.

It costs us $97 per refugee that comes to stay with us.  This includes transportation gas, food, shelter, hygiene products, electricity, heat, laundry, etc.  This does not include the vehicles, beds, mattresses, towels, cookware and other essential items needed to be able to make this happen.

We are asking for your help in supporting our mission to help Ukrainian refugees.  Please consider giving a donation to help support our efforts.  Your donation will help give each refugee a safe place to come to after fleeing their home country.

Please take time to watch these videos of what some of the refugees have had to endure.